Lena's Lamb - "A Naturally Healthy Alternative"
We are a small, independent family farm in Lambton County.
Our focus is on a premium product using superior genetics, raised in a natural, healthy environment.  We specialize in producing  the best tasting lamb, in a variety of cuts, to keep weekday meals interesting.
Lamb is a delicious, nutrient-packed protein that is easy to prepare.  Our lamb is lean, tender and fresh!
A very versatile meat, our lamb has a mild flavour that marries well with a variety of spices, herbs and marinades.
Lamb is a quick and easy meal choice, with lamb chops grilling in 10-12 minutes.  It is also easily digested and has the lowest cholesterol of all the red meats.
If you are trying to improve your diet and don't want to compromise taste, try our fresh, local lamb.  It's a tasty and healthy alternative to other meats and proteins.
Dave & Darlene Pettit & family
2627 McCallum Line, Wilkesport
(519) 864-4169
We are proud to be members of Your Local Meat Connection.
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